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Improving Animal Health For Over 30 Years


  • Tremendous Toxin Binder
  • Higher Levels Of Digestive Enzymes
  • Improved Feed Conversion
  • Better Components
  • Reducing Toxins = Lower SCC
  • Less Hairy Warts, Hoof Rot Problems
  • Very Cost Effective Product
  • Huge Impact on Stomach Ulcers
  • Very Effective as a Rub On Salve on Open Wounds, Swelling, Pain, etc.etc.
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  • 50 Lb. Bag - $25.00 (volume depending)
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Dyna-Min might be best described as being a “bouillon cube” of natural elements, mostly minerals that are biologically available, having been hydro-thermically altered and deposited by nature in a unique colloid. mined in the Southern California desert this material has been extensively researched by the University of Southern California, U of C-Davis, Texas A&M, and US Government agencies. Independent laboratory research indicates Dyna-Min has a physical attraction to various contaminants such as coliform bacteria, nitrate-nitrogen, ammonia, and various other molds and toxins. Dyna-Min also acts as an effective buffer, assisting in normalizing, the critical, acid / alkaline balance. Dyna-Min also improves calcium utilization and bone formation as well as promotes weight gain. Also produces higher levels of digestive enzymes and lower levels of internal parasites. Numerous field trials by livestock producers have demonstrated that their animals have been healthier and more productive on less feed, medication, and supplements subsequently increasing net profits to producers. (Improved hoof condition, reduced somatic cell count, lower MUN, reduced acidosis, better reproduction, improved feed conversion)

Cows,  Force Feed 2-4 oz. per head per day or free choice.

Calves,  Force Feed 1 tsp. twice daily or free choice.

Chickens,  Mix 12 lbs. per ton of feed.

Beef,  Force Feed 2-4 oz. per head per day or free choice.

Horses,  Force Feed 2-4 oz. per head per day or free choice.

Goats & Sheep,  Force Feed 1/2  to 1 oz. per head per day or free choice.

Deer,  Force Feed 1-2 oz. per head per day or free choice.



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    After feeding Agri-Tonic for 2 weeks to my horse that had EPM, her bad attitude disappeared, she no longer balked for us, had more energy, and started gaining weight.

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