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PF Wonder Salve

PF Wonder Salve is a unique, smooth paste that is applied directly to equine proud flesh, and all types of cuts, and sores with or without proud flesh. The paste is applied with an enclosed brush. A thin veil of paste on the area is all that’s needed. PF Wonder Salve is safe for all types of livestock. It is the first and last solution, meaning it may be used from the very start. You don’t have to wait until proud flesh develops.

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Click For Face Injury Picture

DJ the horse in this series of pictures, had a degloved right cheek. After four weeks, his owner discovered PF Wonder Salve. Once she started applying the salve to his face, the area rapidly shrunk in size. she did not use a mask, as PF Wonder Salve forms a protective coating and repels flies.

Click For Flank Injury Pictures

This colt named Mush was severely injured by a gate latch while turned out in a field. The latch cut a huge gash along his side. he had two ribs surgically removed, and had countless internal and external sutures. neither the internal nor the external sutures held. Mush’s owner, who lives in England, has kept us up to date on the progress. as you can see, the surface is smooth with absolutely no scar tissue, or raised surface. final photo shows shaved area. the owner began using the slave approximately two weeks after the injury. entire duration was 60 days.

PF Wonder Salve’s unique formula is currently being patented. Our original, perfectly-balanced solution dates back to the 1960’s. PF Wonder Salve is a proven solution, used for many years on our own horses, and outside customer horses boarded at our facility. PF Wonder Salve is a water-based solution and contains no alcohol, DMSO, iodine, or petroleum products.Over the years, we have enhanced the original, secret formula by adding Plantain Skin, Botanical extracts including Mastic Gum Resin, Comfrey Root, Artemisia Absinthium, Bromelain, Myrrh, Ulmus Rubra, and Pullulan.

PF Wonder Salve is a one-step solution which may be used from start to finish on proud flesh, and all other cuts, wounds, and sores. PF Wonder Salve is intended for cuts and wounds with, or without proud Flesh. It does not damage new, delicate tissue. Never apply PF Wonder Salve directly to exposed bone. For exposed bone, we recommend packing the bone with a thick sugar paste (not sugardine), made of plain sugar and saline. This will quickly generate healthy tissue over the bone. For best results, follow the directions that come with PF Wonder Salve.


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After feeding Agri-Tonic for 2 weeks to my horse that had EPM, her bad attitude disappeared, she no longer balked for us, had more energy, and started gaining weight.

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