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For Healthy Reproductions

  • Greatly Improves Conception Rate
  • Boost The Immune System During Reproduction
  • Vitamins & Minerals Important For Reproduction
  • Healthier Mare Thru Pregnancy
  • Reduce The Risk Of Early Embryonic Death
  • Maximize Stallion Performance
  • Higher Quality, More Fertile Semen

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Many people know the frustration of repeat breeding’s, early embryotic death, stallions with poor seaman quality, and foals born with problems. A lot of these problems could be avoided with correct nutrition.

Repro-Plus contains natural trace minerals, high levels of Vitamin AD&E, direct fed microbes, and a total of 3 billion Lactic Acid Producing Bacteria that have been proven to help enhance reproduction in both mares and stallions.  All this results in mares showing stronger heats, confirmed pregnant after first breeding, and helps to produce a good strong healthy foal.


Feed 1 oz. per head per day.

Start feeding Repro-Plus 80 days before expected breeding date and continue till mare is confirmed pregnant. With problem mares, feed till foal is born.



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    What Our Customers Are Saying

    After feeding Agri-Tonic for 2 weeks to my horse that had EPM, her bad attitude disappeared, she no longer balked for us, had more energy, and started gaining weight.

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