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The “Standard Bearer” of Nutritional Excellence

  • Improves Weight Gain And Keeps Horses In Shape
  • Better Parasite Control
  • Brings The Bloom Out Of Your Horse
  • Improved Hoof Quality And Better Muscle Tone
  • Great Option to Free Choice To Weanlings And Brood Mares
  • Daily Dry Top Dress Supplement To Be Used On Any Breed Of Horse
  • Increases Energy, Stamina, & Endurance While Maintaining Temperament
  • Can Be Mixed Into Horse Feed Or Talk To Us About Our Horse Feed Premix

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  • 25 lb. bag - $60.00
  • 50 lb. bag - $110.00
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Equi-Sentials is a mineral package consisting of a comprehensive and complementary formula that provides the major elements of calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, sulfur, as well as minor elements of zinc, copper, manganese, iron, selenium, and those ultra trace minerals found in kelp and naturally occurring ocean deposits such as boron, chromium, iodine, vanadium and dozens more. Equi-Sentials utilizes whole amino acid complexes or peptides to chelate the trace elements as proteinate thus enhancing their bioavailability. Generous amounts of U.S.P. fat soluble vitamins (ADE) and water soluble vitamins (B-Complex) are an integral part of this formula. These vitamins are co-factors of minerals and contribute to a vigor’s immune system. Species-specific equine microbial are incorporated as the source of “probiotics” and specific botanicals which make up an array of liver hepatics, digestive bitters are the phytoceuticals synergists to help this formula’s ingredients work in concert. Kelp is included for its suite of amino acids, carbohydrates, vitamins, and trace elements. Equi-Sentials provides your horse with a master formula of those essential factors that cost effectively address the needs of every horse. It is truly the standard bearer of nutritional excellence that will demonstrate results in short order: bloom, vigor, rate-of-gain, stamina, fertility, endurance, immunity, hoof quality, and digestion.

Nutritional Supplement:
2 oz. per head per day or can also be fed free choice.

Great option to free choice to brood mares or colts on pasture.



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    We started feeding Agri-Tonic to our calves, never had a product that worked so good. We were having problems with scours and sluggish appetites. now they would drink three times as much milk. Better hair coat and overall better health.

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