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Dynamic Horse Feed

This gets the horses steping.... Des grick di gal un stepa...

When formulating this feed, Jerry Brunetti had one thing in mind, putting a feed together so you can rest assured that every time you feed your horse it is getting everything it needs to help bring out the “bloom” in your horse. Not only does it contain a diverse mixture of grains, alfalfa pellets, and sun flower seeds, it also contains a very complex mineral and vitamin package. Our feed also contains no corn. Corn is considered a “hot feed” and horses can founder if they eat to much. Because it digest’s hot, it can also cause and irritate stomach ulcers. Most of the commercial grown corn also contains rather high levels of molds and mycotoxins which is another reason we don’t like corn.

Even with a good high energy horse feed, make sure you feed high quality grass / alfalfa hay. This is extremely important for good horse performance.


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Ask us about our Equine mineral premix to make your own horse feed.
(mix 100lb. Per ton of feed)



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    We started feeding Agri-Tonic to our calves, never had a product that worked so good. We were having problems with scours and sluggish appetites. now they would drink three times as much milk. Better hair coat and overall better health.

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