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Agri-Tonic (Horses)

Daily Nutritional Supplement

  • Daily Liquid Nutritional Supplement To Be Used On Any Breed Of Horse
  • Improves Weight Gain And Keeps Horses In Shape
  • Maximizes The Immune System While Horses are Recovering From EPM
  • Improves The Shininess and Glossiness of The Hair Coat
  • Increases Energy, Stamina, & Endurance While Maintaining Temperament
  • Give 8cc Before Loading On A Trailer and Forget About Shipping Fever
  • Tremendous Results With Sale Prepping Horses

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Agri-Tonic (Horses) Prices - Plus Shipping.

  • 2.5 Gal Jug - $140.28 per gal.
  • 1 Gal Jug - $150.30 per gal.
  • 1 Qt - $39.70
  • 1 Pint - $21.04
  • What is Agri-Tonic?
  • Feeding Rates
  • Where Does It Get Its Kick?
  • FAQs
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Agri-Tonic is a unique naturally derived nutrient-rich liquid feed supplement designed for all animals. It contains prebiotics, probiotics, very good levels of trace minerals plus ingredients that create a synergistic effect in the animal resulting in much faster nutrient absorption rates. Tremendous results have been achieved on horses with EPM, sick horses, off feed horses, colic, or as a daily nutritional supplement.

Nutritional Supplement: 5-8 ml per head per day
Colic: Use Syringe and squirt 30 ml in mouth
Before Shipping: 8 ml. with syringe in mouth
Off Feed or Sick Horse: Use Syringe an squirt 10 ml. in mouth
mornings & evenings

Lactobacillus Acidophilus Fermentation Product: Lactobacillus acidophilus is the most researched and prov-en probiotic known to scientists. Some of the benefits it brings are, helps to balance the pH in the intestinal track, fights stomach ulcers, increases nutrient absorption, fights viruses with targeted antibodies, prevent / fight respiratory infections, helps to produce B Vitamins, enhances calcium absorption. It will also help your horse digest its feed better which means it will take less feed to satisfy it.

Natural Chelates Of Organic Mineral Electrolyte Complex: Electrolytes play a key role in moving fluids in and out of cells, nutrient absorption, and regulation of the bodies total fluid balance. These are especially im-portant in horses that are being worked hard. Mixing this product with other minerals is like magnifying those minerals five times. You will get a lot more out of them.

Spray Dried Kelp Extract: This is a low temperature spray dried kelp extract that uses no alkali to remove the nutritional products found in kelp like amino acids, polysaccharides, vitamins and minerals. These highly available minerals have huge impacts on animals stressed from shipping fever, over exhaustion, weaning, birthing, weather stress, or illnesses.

Acetic Acid: This helps to acetify the stomach for better digestion and absorption of minerals. It also helps the horse get more out of the feed it is eating. Also helps to protect your horse against bacteria, parasites, and water borne diseases.

Amino Acids: There are 21 different Amino Acids that are needed to use as building blocks to form proteins. If you don’t have Amino Acids you wont be able to utilize the protein you feed your animals.

1. How does it differ from other supplements on the market?? Our customers are saying they get quicker, better results with Agri-Tonic. This I would expect with the way it is formulated. We look at Agri-Tonic as a sledge hammer, it has power!! It is also cheaper than many other products on the market.

2. How soon can I expect results from Agri-Tonic?? Depends a lot on the animal and what the is-sues are. We had people who said they seen results in 7 days, others won’t see anything for 15-20 days. It all depends on the animal and what you are trying to accomplish. One thing we learned is if you have an animal with serious problems, start in with more aggressive rates. This will allow you to see results quicker.

3. Is there something like giving to much Agri-Tonic?? Keep in mind that Agri-Tonic is a very potent product. Its not like some products where you can dump it in the animal and no big deal. You could create some problems if you go to much over the suggested rate.

4. Where can it all be used?? It can be used on any animal. So far we have a lot of people with suc-cess stories on horses, cows, chickens, pigs, deer, dogs, and calves. Contact us if you have ques-tions on other animals.

5. Why does the product look like it is watered down?? There is no water added to this mix but it has the texture of water and is black in color. There is also very little molasses added therefore it doesn’t get the heavy molasses type of look. I am not saying that molasses is bad, I like molasses but if you want to feed molasses buy it from your local feed store as it is very inexpensive.



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    What Our Customers Are Saying

    We started feeding Agri-Tonic to our calves, never had a product that worked so good. We were having problems with scours and sluggish appetites. now they would drink three times as much milk. Better hair coat and overall better health.

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