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Simple Pasture Management

Save On Feed Cost & Grow More Higher Quality Grass Off Of Your Pasture.

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We find a lot of small homeowner pastures soils are seriously out of balance and are not growing the quality grass they should be producing. This can lead to issues in animals. There isn’t a mineral on the market that is as effective for your animal as the minerals you can give them thru high-quality grasses.

Applying 1 ton of High Calcium Lime and 300 lbs. Super Start 10-10-10 can greatly increase the yield and quality of your grass. It is amazing how much less feed it takes if you have plenty of good quality grass. If you don’t have a lot of good grass established, give us a call and we will help you figure out which grass mixture is best for you and when to reseed. Lime and fertilizers available in small spreader cart for easy application in small areas. The same thing can be applied on a lawn for greener grass. Call us to discuss your specific pasture needs.



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    After feeding Agri-Tonic for 2 weeks to my horse that had EPM, her bad attitude disappeared, she no longer balked for us, had more energy, and started gaining weight.

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