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Winter Mune (Calves)

Vitamin A, D, & E Supplement

In the winter month it can be a challenge to get enough of vitamins into your animals. With not getting access to full sunlight they will not get a lot of Vitamin D, and a lot of your forages are not high in Vitamins after 60 days of storage. Vitamins are extremely important for good animal health and this is where Winter Mune will make a big difference. 

Guaranteed Analysis Of Vitamins

  • 1,300,200 IU/lb. of Vitamin A.
  • 320,000 IU/lb. of Vitamin D.
  • 6,000 IU/lb. of Vitamin E.



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  • 50 Lb. Bag - $128.00
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Force Feed 1-2 oz. per 1000 lbs. of body weight per day or free choice. Can also be added into the milk to calves.



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    What Our Customers Are Saying

    We started feeding Agri-Tonic to our calves, never had a product that worked so good. We were having problems with scours and sluggish appetites. now they would drink three times as much milk. Better hair coat and overall better health.

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